144: Evolving Your Mindset & Becoming Your Best Self – with Emily Hayden

 Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio!

Are you experiencing problems with your business, finances, relationships, friendships, or family? Do you feel like your life just isn’t in alignment with who you want to be? Maybe you’re an influencer who is struggling with confidence and selling your programs or social media. Or maybe you’re in a relationship that isn’t the best for you. Or maybe you have friendships that are fading, and you feel alone or stressed. If you’re feeling any of those things, do we have an episode for you!

I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for a podcast! Today I’m here with my best friend of four years and roommate Emily Hayden. Emily is a fitness professional and life transformation expert who helps people EVOLVE from being anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, hopeless, or in a bad place with their mindset to actually achieving their goals and feeling internally INCREDIBLE.

  • Evolving your mindset and achieving your goals
  • Becoming the best version of yourself
  • Creating more alignment and getting on a path to make your life, business, and relationships better.
  • Embracing changes as they come instead of fighting them
  • Self awareness and what it means
  • Recognizing patterns in your life
  • Creating your life vs. responding to it or being a victim
  • How you currently are vs. who you want to be in the world
  • Having limiting beliefs about yourself
  • Practicing daily excellence
  • Releasing expectations for yourself and allowing yourself to live
  • Living in a state of gratitude
  • Taking time off and being present
  • ANNOUNCEMENT! (something special from Emily!)
  • 8:16: Why did you get into doing what you do now?
  • 11:15: What does it mean to be self aware and how can we become more self aware in our own lives?
  • 13:25: How is your environment and how have you changed your environment to better suite you?
  • 15:45: How can you love someone from a distance?
  • 17:16: How can you use or change the “toolbox” that was given to you as you were growing up? How can we become more aware of picking new “tools”?
  • 18:14: Can you talk about being a victim vs. being a creator in your life?
  • 19:45: Where do you feel like insecurities about putting yourself out there come from and what can someone do about it?
  • 21:50- What can we do to instill confidence in ourselves and how have you built confidence inside of yourself?
  • 27:36- What can you do on a daily basis to instill confidence and excellence in yourself?
  • 28:50- How do you work through setting a goal and not reaching it?
  • 30:30- Do you schedule time for freedom in your plans?
  • 32:40- How can we set non measurable goals?
  • 34:20- What are your top 3 non-negotiable non-business things that you do every week?
  • 40:00- What hard things might come up when someone goes through your course?
  • 45:30- How can someone enroll in Evolve with Emily for the last time this year?
  • “Always do your best but you have to realize that your best is not always going to be your 100%. Maybe your best for that day is 80% because of life things that happened”
  • “The reason why you can’t is the reason why you must.”
  • “It’s important to be able to identify what is serving you, making you feel better, or keeping you where you’re at.”
  • Not everything is about you, so you don’t need to be taking everything personal. Before getting offended, stop and think ‘is this really about me?’ Or is this someone having an insecurity they are projecting onto me?”
  • “When your energy is high and you feel connected with yourself, write down truths about yourself. When you do feel moments of insecurities or giving in to limiting beliefs, you go back to your list of truths and remember who you are.
  • “Release expectations on yourself to be perfect. No one is perfect. It’s a great thing to have a plan but  life is what happens when you make a plan.”


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