Rob Lipsett – What It Really Means To Take Action

Rob Lipsett – Irish YouTuber, Owner of Lipsett Fitness, Sponsored Athlete, “The Man”

Rob used to be pretty “average.” He didn’t get the best grades in school, he worked an 8-6 job, and wasn’t passionate about what he was doing.

However, what most people didn’t know and see, Rob was sending out clothing orders at the post office during lunch breaks, hitting the gym immediately after work, editing and uploading videos to YouTube and staying consistent with social media, and sleeping 4 hours a night in this grind cycle when he was 21-22 years old.


“I realized that no, I’m not stupid, I just wasn’t following my passion” – Rob Lipsett

Rob, now 25, has since quit his full-time job and is now a full time content creator. He lives what he calls his “dream life” of traveling, meeting cool people, and being paid to workout and film it all.

“People say I want this, and I want that, but none of them execute” – Rob Lipsett

In today’s episode, Rob and I converse about taking action, growing a business within the fitness industry, and what it really takes to live that sought-after fulfilled and free life of working for yourself.

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Start a Business & Build Your Dream Job

We currently live in a digital world, where people can make a living by sitting in their pajamas all day.

Sometimes, that’s exactly what I do!


But i’m still making more money, and more importantly, I am thousands of times more HAPPY than I was if I were to stick to a career that wasn’t as fulfilling for me.

I have built my business online, and I absolutely love what I do. Every. Single. Day. I’m good at it, it makes me a great living, and I’m helping thousands of people every single day. My impact is great, and it makes me feel great.

Me feeling great and loving life (obviously).


You may be in a position where you’re ready to make that change, but it’s scary. You may not know the ins and outs of starting a business – what the steps that you have to take are, and how to deal with all of the “complicated stuff.”

Today’s episode will help to set a foundation for you for what to do, and what not to do when starting a business.

These are all of the things I wish someone told me when I first started out.

“Learning and gathering information is a never-ending process, so you might as well start your business now and continue to learn as you go. Don’t wait for the perfect timing because the timing will never be perfect.” –  @dustin_lien


Blog: (free book – It’s Time To Start)

Hope you all enjoy!

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IIFYM vs. Clean Eating – The Answers You’ve Been Looking For

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The fitness industry is filled with CONSTANT misinformation. You can be proactive about your journey by searching articles and blog posts for something that’s actually going to help you, but a large majority of the time you’re going to get random posts about fat burning foods, meals that help you drop fat quickly, and stuff that doesn’t actually TEACH or help you understand WHY

I started my fitness journey off thinking that I was bad and falling off track if I ate a “bad” food, and thought that I was being “good” when I was eating salads and low calorie foods.

It wasn’t until I took my nutritional education into my own hands that I learned the truth behind what I was eating.

I realized that food wasn’t good or bad, there weren’t foods that were going to make me fat or skinny, or build muscle or lose muscle. There were proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals. ALL FOOD was made up of these things, so whether or not you ate paleo, vegan, gluten free, clean, WHATEVER the newest fad diet was – you were still consuming MACROS with every bite you took.

When your goal is to CHANGE your body composition, understanding how much food, and how much of each macronutrient you are putting into your body is imperative.

However, I also made the argument that eating to change your body isn’t always / shouldn’t always be the goal.

No one can knock the simple fact that certain foods are more nutrient dense, give us more energy, make us feel BETTER, provide our bodies with nourishment to live a healthier life, aid in our gut health and digestion. So there is plenty of merit to choosing foods that are BETTER for our bodies.

My main argument here?

Education is key.

It’s time to clear up a lot of misconceptions in today’s episode of Bucci Radio!

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Chase Chewning – An Ever Forward Mindset

Todays interviewee is Chase Chewning – a health and wellness coach, YouTuber, Podcast Host of Ever Forward Radio, and military veteran. But what makes Chase different really comes across throughout this episode of Bucci Radio.

“Everything in life is neutral, it’s all about our reactions and responses to it,” – Chase says, in his reaction to talking about his swift departure story from the military and with his current take on life.

Chase chose the military because of his family background, but once he enlisted, there were multiple reasons that eventually pushed him out – but one main one that wanted so badly for him to stay in.

Chase and his father.

Between a life changing injury, the death of his father, and the inspiration to want to help people find their own personal life balance, be prepared to get inspired by Chase’s story.

We discuss the reason behind “ever forward,” what his definition of wellness is, and why he doesn’t exactly have his own specific fitness goals.

Chase and his lovely wife Mae.

Also, his real name….isn’t even Chase (wut).

I hope you guys enjoy this episode of Bucci Radio!

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Make sure you guys check out Chase’s podcast, Ever Forward Radio as well! There is a small (large) chance that by the time you’re reading this, MY interview with HIM for Ever Forward Radio will be posted for your listening pleasure as well (podcast double whammy).

8 Steps To Grow Your Social Media To Expand Your Business

Social media can provide you with a business? What do you mean, like Instagram pays you to have a lot of followers?

Well, no, not exactly. I wish it were that easy.

Social media itself is not necessarily a business. There are people with hundreds of thousands of followers, who don’t even have a clue how to utilize it into something that can provide them with a long, sustaining career. Heck, I was one of those people a while back!

When I first started utilizing social media, I had no IDEA that I would eventually be able to leave a safe career in the medical field by simply just being myself, working for myself, and doing so by growing my personal brand.

One of my first “transformation” posts I used on social media. This was 16 years old vs. 20 years of – competing at my first bikini competition. Transformation posts WORK because they allow you to be relatable and show people that if you could do it, they can too!Looking back, my INITIAL social media growth (before deciding to go full-time) was a consequence of implementing the right strategies. I was implementing them subconsciously, but guess what – they worked.

This is a recent transformation post I made the other day on instagram @amandabuccifit – transformation photos do really well, and I paid close attention to that from the start!Between my own personal experiences, and being able to interview and network with other successful influencers over my career, I’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t work.

One thing that all successful influencers say and have in common?

You have to want to make an impact.

Enjoy Episode 003 of Bucci Radio!

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Fitness YouTube used to be just informational. People wanted to learn how to lift and eat to look like their idols. Now, many have made the to showing the world the inside story of their life. Christian is one of the most widely recognized YouTubers in the fitness industry, and has since used his platform to grow his own business.

In this episode, you will get to hear how Christian started his business from the ground up. He dropped out of college to start his own gym and clothing line, and has since grown a massive community of people who tune in to watch his ever move with very upload.

In this episode, you will get to hear how Christian started his business from the ground up. He dropped out of college to start his own gym and clothing line, and has since grown a massive community of people who tune in to watch his ever move with very upload.

You will hear how he feels about sharing so much of his life with his hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers, if he feels like it’s ever too much, and how he deals with such public criticism. We also talk about

Get ready to get motivated and take action with this episode!

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This podcast is meant to show you that every one in the world goes through struggles in order to reach their triumphs, including myself. The goal is to help ignite your fire and show you the life lessons learned from others, in order for you to apply them to your own life.

In this episode, I dig deep. I go all the way back to where things started, and take you through EVERY SINGLE STEP of my journey to where I am today. I have been through a lot in order to become the woman I am before you, and this is the episode that reveals it all.

I appreciate every single one of you who are here to support this podcast, and make it a part of your weekly routine!

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Here it is: Amanda Bucci – Start to Finish. Episode 1

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