Arianna Dantone – Gaining Weight Is Cool

I was lucky enough to have my PEScience teammate and good friend Arianna Dantone, aka “Ari”, on Bucci Radio!

how cute are we tho?…


Arianna is someone who is unapologetically herself in person and on social media, and that has gained her some pretty awesome recognition!

She has been featured in People Magazine, Teen Vogue, and more from starting the hashtag #gainingweightiscool—mostly circulating on Twitter and Instagram. This hashtag has over 35,000 posts today!

She’s been a bikini competitor, has dealt with rebounding from a diet and constantly binging, and now she’s loving herself at every stage. She documents it ALL on her social media platforms!

She’s most known on Twitter for being open to opinions and honest discussion on some pretty controversial topics!

We talk about her personal journey with fitness, dealing with depression, what we wish influencers would do differently in the industry, and relating to followers by letting them know that they aren’t alone in a lot of things they’re struggling with.

You can follow Arianna here on Instagram and Twitter (seriously I only go on twitter to read her tweets)!

Find out more in today’s episode!

How To Balance It All With Travis S

Between a full-time corporate job, uploading YouTube videos 3x a week, training, and eating a lot of delicious looking food—Travis S. still manages to balance it all.

Travis is an accountant who truly enjoys and excels at his career, who makes AMAZING YouTube videos (seriously, they’re so fun to watch), does food challenges, and also is the most positive person I know.

He brings in his audience by doing food challenge videos because he’s a #SuckerForTheViews (transparency feels), but his followers are so loyal for the advice he provides in his weekday videos.

People ask him “Why are you not obese?” An opportunity Travis sees to educate his ever-interested-in-food audience.
Follow Travis here on YouTube to see his videos!

“For the everyday person, you can have a cheat meal and you’re gonna be perfectly fine.”

Not only does he truly pride himself on excelling in his career, but the amount of EFFORT this guy puts into creating one YouTube video can be upwards of hundreds of clips and 20 hours of editing on the high end.

We did this video “Cheat Day In LA” together and he filmed a solid 500 clips for this. Always goes above and beyond to create killer content!

This guy puts 100% into everything he does, and nothing less.

But, how does he do it ALL?

Yes, he balances a full-time corporate job WHILE killing the YouTube game.

Follow Travis HERE on Instagram

and HERE on Twitter!

Find out more in today’s episode of Bucci Radio.

How to be Confident AF – Build Your Confidence House Brick by Brick!

Somewhere in between being born and becoming an adult, we lose a sense of confidence in ourselves.

A lot of us have a little recorder inside of our heads, capturing the negative thoughts we have about ourselves, and putting those thoughts on replay in our minds.

How do we stop this from happening?

In today’s podcast, I give you 14 serious takeaway tips and life rules to help you go from self-deprecating and feeling like you’re not good enough, to someone who is confident AF in who they are.

If you’re ready to learn how to change the story you tell yourself and other people about why you’re not good enough, listen to today’s episode of Bucci Radio. 

Here are some of the topics I cover, and go more in depth with:
  1. Internalize the harsh reality
  2. Become more self-aware of the story you tell people and yourself
  3. Change your story
  4. Turning negatives into positives helps you relate to others
  5. Do hard things and finish them
  6. Do things that make you happy / feel good
  7. Be more curious
  8. Overcome self-doubt
  9. When you mess up, FORCE yourself to get right back up
  10. Get outside of your comfort zone and do things you know would make you feel amazing, even though it’s scary
    • If we stay within our comfort zones, we don’t grow
  11. Forget people that don’t like you
  12. Consume more positive media
  13. Smile—be grateful for what you have
  14. Understand that everything is a learning experience
None of us will ever be void of all self-limiting beliefs.
Amanda - confident 2
A solid first step to gaining confidence though, is being aware of the fact that you’re not actually stuck where you are, you’ve just programmed your mind to think you are.
amanda - confident 1

Dietician Talk: Nutrition Myths BUSTED with Kara Corey

Kara Corey - Bucci Radio
Kara Corey is a Registered Dietician, who uses her knowledge to educate her YouTube subscribers on nutrition myths via a series she calls “Dietician Talks.”
I wanted to connect to Kara to my Bucci Radio listeners because she does SUCH an amazing job at explaining nutrition in easy to understand language (anyone else think Kara needs to start a podcast? After listening to this episode you totally will!)
“People don’t know when they’re hungry, they don’t know when they’re full, they don’t know when they should eat, why they should eat, when they should stop, they don’t know what foods are okay. They almost lose the ability to just enjoy food and fuel your body” says Kara.
In this podcast, we talk about how and why to eat for health, not just aesthetics.
“A lot of people don’t want to work on their relationship with food because it isn’t that instant gratification we get from losing a few pounds.
Let’s make health cool again. 
This podcast is for you, if you:
– avoid certain foods because you think they’re bad for you
–  think organic, gluten free, low-carb,
–  feel like food / nutrition is your BIGGEST struggle when it comes to sticking to a plan
–  feel guilty after going off of your meal plan or macro goals
– you have / are struggling with binge eating 
– follow “dieting” trends because people you follow are following them
– you sabotage your progress and don’t know why you can’t continue a nutrition regime
Make sure you’re following Kara on YouTube and Instagram 🙂 she rocks. Seriously.
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Rob Lipsett – What It Really Means To Take Action

Rob Lipsett – Irish YouTuber, Owner of Lipsett Fitness, Sponsored Athlete, “The Man”

Rob used to be pretty “average.” He didn’t get the best grades in school, he worked an 8-6 job, and wasn’t passionate about what he was doing.

However, what most people didn’t know and see, Rob was sending out clothing orders at the post office during lunch breaks, hitting the gym immediately after work, editing and uploading videos to YouTube and staying consistent with social media, and sleeping 4 hours a night in this grind cycle when he was 21-22 years old.


“I realized that no, I’m not stupid, I just wasn’t following my passion” – Rob Lipsett

Rob, now 25, has since quit his full-time job and is now a full time content creator. He lives what he calls his “dream life” of traveling, meeting cool people, and being paid to workout and film it all.

“People say I want this, and I want that, but none of them execute” – Rob Lipsett

In today’s episode, Rob and I converse about taking action, growing a business within the fitness industry, and what it really takes to live that sought-after fulfilled and free life of working for yourself.

Hope you enjoy today’s episode! And don’t forget to follow Rob on:




His Website

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Start a Business & Build Your Dream Job

We currently live in a digital world, where people can make a living by sitting in their pajamas all day.

Sometimes, that’s exactly what I do!


But i’m still making more money, and more importantly, I am thousands of times more HAPPY than I was if I were to stick to a career that wasn’t as fulfilling for me.

I have built my business online, and I absolutely love what I do. Every. Single. Day. I’m good at it, it makes me a great living, and I’m helping thousands of people every single day. My impact is great, and it makes me feel great.

Me feeling great and loving life (obviously).


You may be in a position where you’re ready to make that change, but it’s scary. You may not know the ins and outs of starting a business – what the steps that you have to take are, and how to deal with all of the “complicated stuff.”

Today’s episode will help to set a foundation for you for what to do, and what not to do when starting a business.

These are all of the things I wish someone told me when I first started out.

“Learning and gathering information is a never-ending process, so you might as well start your business now and continue to learn as you go. Don’t wait for the perfect timing because the timing will never be perfect.” –  @dustin_lien


Blog: (free book – It’s Time To Start)

Hope you all enjoy!

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Nutrient Timing & Meal Portions

Nutrient Timing and Meal Portions

Is it Really That Important to Consider?

Nutrient timing is a concept that has been thrown around in the fitness industry for quite some time; but, does it really make a significant difference for bodybuilders and fitness advocates alike?


In the early 2000s, a book: ‘Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition’, was published and the concept of nutrient timing and meal portioning for optimal results exploded as the new way to get lean while preserving as much muscle as possible. It became widely popular among bodybuilders as a new contest prep diet scheme.


But like with many other fads, new studies and information came out and things have changed a little bit, and the concept has been tweaked based on the new data.


The original concept was more of a short-term scheme, meaning that it was only completely  functional when the diet was followed over a continuous amount of time. If the food intake was altered, most cases noticed weight gains in varying degrees.


What are the Facts?

According to recent studies conducted by the International Society of Sports Nutrition, came to the conclusion that planning out specific dietary ingestion of proteins, carbs, and fats, do play a role in protein synthesis, fat loss, and hypertrophy or muscle building.


This is great for bodybuilders and the average joe just looking to lose a couple pounds.


You can check out the full study here.


How to Portion Your Meals for Optimal Results

If you follow me, I’m sure you’ve seen one of my Full Day of Eating videos on Youtube. You might have noticed that I like to take in a meal before and after my workouts that contain carbs and protein. I also drink PEScience BCAAs for muscle maintenance and hydration (and you can save money on your order using my discount code: AMANDA for 30% off!).

I have found, from personal experience, that consuming carbs before and after my workout help to fuel my lifting session.


This is ideal because it helps me push through the workout, and helps me maintain muscle, especially while I’m on contest prep.


For you to see optimal results with this method, the same study above, suggests consuming carbs and protein before exercise, along with after (immediately to 3 hours after lifting), along with incorporating creatine to see the best results.


Consuming the majority of your carbs around your workout will help fuel your lifts, along with help to cut body fat. This is especially good for losing weight because it helps your body to use up its glycogen stores (carbs in muscle tissue).


The Anabolic Window and You

According to a lot of ‘gym bros’ the most important meal of the day is the one you consume directly after your workout. It helps to replace glycogen in the muscles, which in turn helps with muscle building. This is important for growing muscle and helping to lose fat, because the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism.


A brilliant study was performed, you can find it here, it performed an examination of hypertrophy in consideration of one group perform exercises with nutrient timing and meal portioning around their workouts, while the other group ate in a more ‘random’ way.


The study shows that the group who used the nutrient timing and meal portioning method did yield a better result, concerning muscle growth!


Portioning your meals in a way that allows you to incorporate the bulk of your daily carbohydrate macros around your workouts will go a long way in helping you see great results. Though, the specific amounts are not steady across the board for everyone, having a coach determine your macro requirement is your best bet.


If you found this article helpful and are looking for more information about nutrition, I have an ebook that you can get here to guide you on mastering the nutrition aspect of your fitness journey!


Ignite Your Fire.



High Rep vs Low Rep Training

In the world of fitness, whether it be bodybuilding, powerlifting, olympic lifts, general health or pure aesthetics, there has always been a discrepancy on what training style is superior. But often times, the ultimate end goal is not taken into consideration. Let’s face it, there can potentially be a better training style, if you have a specific goal to reach, that allows you to optimize your time and work in the gym.

High Rep Range with Low Load

If you are invested in the bodybuilding or aesthetic part of the fitness industry, you might have heard that reaching your particular goals can only be achieved through the use of a low load, high rep range training style.

This is more or less true for most people. If you are a beginner in the gym, you will yield quite a noticeable difference in your physique. But, on the other end, if you have been lifting for years, utilizing only this training style will not yield nearly the same results.

Studies show that yes, using a high rep scheme is great for building muscle (hypertrophy), but if this is the only training tactic you use, you will see your results fading out as time goes by. You can check out the study here.

Low Rep Range with High Load

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have another training style that utilizes heavy loads with low reps. This rep amount can range from 1 rep all the way up to 5 or 6, it depends on a few factors, including load percentage of your one rep max.

Typically, the people who use this training scheme are powerlifters and olympic lifters. They make use of low rep high load because it has the significant ability to increase strength. And they’re all about pushing for a new one rep max, especially on meet day!

There was a medical study conducted that tested the difference between high rep and low rep ranges with their respective weight. In the study, it found that the people who perform low rep high load resistance training saw greater raw strength gains than the high rep group. You can read the study abstract here.

Combination Training

No matter what your goals are, practically everyone goes to the gym trying to get stronger and build their ideal body. So, making use of both training styles in your gym routine will have you hitting greater numbers and looking amazing!

Though, it is important to note that incorporating certain days with different training styles will ultimately confuse your body; making use of a specific training style for set periods will benefit you far better.

For anywhere between 4-6 weeks, do low rep heavy load training. This will help you get stronger, and benefit you when you get to your high rep low load phase. When it comes to decided acutally training sets/reps, it varies from person to person. You can try doing 5×3 at 85%, 5×5 at 80%, 4×5 at 70%, it all comes does to your load percentage and how hard you push yourself!

After those weeks go by you will want to switch it up to high rep low load training. Now that you’ve completed a strength building phase, the load percentages that you will be hitting for your high rep training will have gone up, so you will have to reassess what weight is comfortable, now that you’re going to be hitting anywhere from 10-15 reps per set.

Regardless of what training tactic you use, it is important to make sure you’re always using proper form at any weight. Varying your training will also help if you’ve been in a slump lately, changing it up will make hitting the gym fun and an all new experience for you.

Stay motivated, Ignite Your Fire, and slay everyday!

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