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Amanda Bucci is a 24 year old lifestyle entrepreneur whose mission is to ignite the fire in others to grow into their TRUE selves through her podcast, YouTube channel, instagram, and other social platforms. Amanda has built her social media following through the perfect combination of consistency, transparency and education – and the secret sauce – always showing up as authentically “Amanda” as possible. Her career began as a fitness educator (a combination of an online fitness coaching career with a supportive Instagram and YouTube channel to provide free, educational content along with “life stuff” – her subscribers have seen it all). After making an impact on the fitness world, Amanda has grown into not just a fitness educator and influencer, but one who shares her experiences, life lessons, and educational feats of personal and professional development. Amanda is now the proud CEO and Founder of the Bucci Radio Podcast (interview and solo episodes where Amanda and her guests provide fitness, personal, or professional value, stories, experiences, and education), along with the Fitness Online Coaching Academy (a certificate program for online fitness coaches) and the Influencer Academy (a high-level coaching program for aspiring online fitness coaches and influencers to learn how to package their program and personal brand, in order to create a sustainable and thriving business).


EARLY STAGES: I’m a 20-something, ambitious ambivert, born and raised in the smallest state in the country – Rhode Island! In my high school years, I was involved in both soccer and lacrosse. Although I loved activity, I consistently fought against mediocracy in organized sports (my exercise-induced asthma certainly didn’t help, either). This affected my life trajectory in a BIG way. Not only did this cause a “i’ll-never-be-good-enough” mentality that I still fought to break everyday, but it sparked my mom to sign be up for the gym at the age of 15. My first introduction into the gym was a sports and conditioning camp for high school kids, that taught us squatting, benching, deadlifting, conditioning work, and more. This provided me with a strong foundation in fitness, and the desire to continue mastering my own personal physical fitness.

I graduated from the University of Rhode Island in May of 2015 with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. As a cancer (shout out to July babies!!!) my natural inclination to nurture others, guided my decision to pursue a career in nursing. This, along with knowing it would be a “steady job,” that I could feel fulfilled in, drove me to crush it in college and round out my undergraduate degree with a 3.6 GPA. It wasn’t until I “accidentally” stumbled into entrepreneurship, that I realized how much a traditional career path WAS THE OPPOSITE of what I was put on this planet to do. I got more and more involved in the fitness industry – between coaching, bikini competitions, the Instagram / YouTube fitness community, sponsorships, and now – my own businesses. It all started with my desire to share my thoughts, experiences, and life…and it turned into that BEING my life, how I show up, and who I serve.

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June 2013 – OCB Yankee Classic – 2nd place

July 2014 – NPC West Coast Classic – 3rd Place

November 2014 – NPC New England Championships – 1st place

June 2015 – NPC Team Universe 

July 2015 – NPC Los Angeles Championships – Overall Bikini Champion

NPC USA Championships  

January 2016 – Bodybuilding.com Spokesmodel Search – 3rd place

August 2016 – NPC Orange County Classic – 2nd place

September 2016 – NPC Pacific USAs – 3rd place

CAREER START: I began competing in bikini competitions in the summer of 2013, simply due to thinking it would be the catalyst to get me in the best shape of my life. Long story short: I did one, got the stage bug, and immersed myself into learning everything I possibly could about fitness and nutrition. I was HOOKED. I spent time researching things about if it fits your macros – the flexible dieting practice that allows you to enjoy a variety of foods, as long as they fit within the confines of your allotted protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake for the day and your personal body goals. I utilized Bodybuilding.com articles, YouTube (Layne Norton and Matt Ogus, and Nick Cheadle to name a few influential people), along with good ole’ google to help me learn more about this. After a few competitions I had done on my own, I also hired a coach named William Grazione, and we’ve been working together ever since.

The more I learned from my own experiences and with others help, the more other people asked how I was doing it. With that, I decided to utilize my background in science and the knowledge I had learned about fitness to start an online coaching business, and also write an e-book titled “The Everything Guide To Macro Tracking.” I also started my YouTube channel in June of 2015 to provide free information and share my journey I had embarked on. Since then, I have expanded my reach to inspire hundreds of thousands of people on the internet (which is still absolutely MIND-BLOWING to me – the girl who couldn’t even get off the bench on her high school lacrosse team).

In January of 2017, I signed up for my first mastermind program with the legendary master of greatness – Lewis Howes. His group and coaching opened up my mind to the magic of business, entrepreneurship, and impact through CREATION. I have since created three new businesses, and am serving people in a much bigger way. My business are now serving those who are like me – are called to make a bigger impact, and serve people by mastering their online message and creation.

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