152: Money Mindset, Internal Beliefs, & Personal Client Connection – with Tony Stephan

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I have Tony Stephan here today and I’m so pumped to bring you Tony. Tony and I met a few months ago in Vegas, and we just connected because I was really impressed with how much he was able to do and create for himself in a short time, and I’ve never met anyone with such a short period of time between decision making and action taking.

Tony is a Registered Dietitian and entrepreneur. Not only does Tony have an incredible nutrition coaching business, he’s not just a Dietitian inside of a hospital, and he’s not working for someone. He’s working for himself and creating his own business.

Tony is also an INCREDIBLE content creator online, coach, and speaker and is a mentor to dieticians and clinicians around the world. His mission is to help clinicians experts that have a higher level of education break out of the 9-5 clinical work setting and realize the opportunity they have for themselves to create their own business.

  • Squeezing juice from what you have
  • Scarcity vs. abundance mindset
  • Bridging education and real world application
  • Using adversity to help others
  • Mindset blocks and shifts around money
  • Investing in your own growth
  • Monetizing without a massive following
  • Truly connecting with your audience and followers
  • Building trust with communication
  • Giving abundance and value to your clients
  • Becoming sold on yourself in order to sell to others
  • Articulating fears and frustrations of your clients
  • Stepping into the frame of your client’s mindset
  • Law of Attraction
  • Visualizing your goals
  • 6:20- For everyone who is listening, tell us your backstory
  • 11:35- In terms of going from being an RD to building your business, what are some of the mind blocks you had to overcome?
  • 14:18- How did you go from that scarcity mindset and money blocks as someone in debt, to making a big investment and to where you are now?
  • 15:46- How did you go from the clinician mindset and find this opportunity?
  • 18:36- In terms of not having a big following yet, how do they still monetize what they already have?
  • 20:44– What would you say is your secret sauce to getting someone to show up on the phone with you?
  • 24:15- What is your process when you do get a client, and what are you doing currently?
  • 27:00- What is the biggest block for clinicians to break free from?
  • 30:36– If you were to come up with 3 specific skills you’ve honed in on that are super serving you today, what do you think those are?
  • 33:00- How do you help the clinician boil down their messaging so it’s still educational but not so high level?
  • 36:43- What do you visualize happening for yourself in the next 5 years?


  • “What I didn’t make in pay, I learned in experience which ended up being invaluable down the line.”
  • “One day I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror and I realized if i would have done it on my own, I would have already done it. That’s when I realized i had to go all in and make an investment so large and scary that it forced me to take action. There was no plan b. There was only a plan a.”
  • “Money in the bank is only potential energy. It has the ability to do so much for you, but when you take it and invest it in something it becomes kinetic energy. Then it becomes energy in motion and can be returned back to you.”
  • “A market can be saturated, but there’s no one out there with your experiences, your story, your analogies, your mannerisms, and your teaching abilities. It’s my duty and mission to go out and tell my story and give my truth. Whether I have 100 followers or 30000 followers it doesn’t matter. I’m just going to tell my story and use that as momentum to move forward”
  • “We are more limited by our own internal beliefs than we are by our abilities. We talk ourselves out of so many things before we even get started.”
  • “Before I could ever sell someone else, I had to become sold to myself. I had to become so sold on the fact that this is my mission and this is my duty, and I can deliver the outcome and get over imposter syndrome.”


You can find Tony Stephan on Instagram @tony_stephan_ and www.tonystephandietician.com.The best way to get a hold of Tony is to DM him, so make sure to send him a message!

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