151: Q+A on Social Media, Creating Relationships, & Investing in Yourself and Business

Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio!

One of the most amazing things on social media is creating relationships. Today we’re going to be doing a Q + A session. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these and I’m really excited to get to your questions.

One of my favorite things about having a social media platform and podcast is communicating with you guys. It can seem like I’m talking at you a lot, but when you ask me questions it feels like I get to have an actual conversation with the person who asked the question, and hopefully, everyone else can benefit from the question as well. It feels like we can build a relationship instead of me just talking at you.

So let’s dive in!

  • Why asking questions is helpful
  • Learning from your followers
  • Going from a personal Instagram account to a business account
  • Not needing validation to create a business account
  • Efficiency vs. just doing activities
  • Why content creation alone isn’t a business
  • Dedicating time to tell people about your offer
  • Breaking down Instagram captions and storytelling
  • Nurturing your signature offer instead of multiple offers
  • Higher vs. lower selling point offers
  • How to level up your friendships and network
  • When should you invest in your business?
  • Rituals for mental health
  • How are you consuming content?
  • 2:07- How do you go from your regular personal account to incorporating your business?
  • 5:36- What are the top 3 things you should prioritize when starting a new business?
  • 12:15- Can you give a brief simple breakdown of Instagram captions?
  • 16:58- How do you choose your best product or offer? Should you have one option or two options?
  • 23:28- How do you level up your friendships and network when you’re not “on their level” yet?
  • 35:00– When and how should you invest back into your business?
  • 37:00- Do you have any rituals you use to maintain your mental health?


  • “Content isn’t a business. Content creation is only one aspect. If you’re creating content but leaving out invitations for someone to join or apply, then you’re just creating content to create content.”
  • “One of the most underrated things you can do is hone in on your skill or service, and how you’re actually delivering it.”
  • “It’s incredible and important to have one specific offer, especially in the beginning. You may compare yourself to someone who has a lot of different offers, and think that a lot of offers equals a lot of success. I wouldn’t recommend anyone new to branch too far too soon outside of their signature offer. You want to make sure you are nurturing your offer.”
  • “Anyone that you are inspired by that you want to be friends with, you must take them off of a pedestal. I’m not saying you need to discredit their work or how much you love them, but you need to make them feel like a person, like a human.”
  • “Clean your environment of anyone or anything that is adding stress and negativity to your life”


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