149: REPLAY- Putting a Purpose to Your Passion from Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning

Welcome to this REPLAY episode of Bucci Radio!

Today I’m a guest speaker on my friend Chase Chewning’s Ever Forward Radio! Some of you may remember I interviewed chase last year on Bucci Radio Episode 4. Today I share my biggest obstacles and lessons learned when I decided to go all in on my goals; fears, limiting beliefs, successes. Plus, I give my feedback on the visions of a group of budding entrepreneurs in Chase’s program who are choosing to live a life ever forward.

Chase says of the group “Everyone was just beginning to develop their biggest goal of 2018, what their passion was, what type of impact they wanted to create in their lives and the lives of their communities. They chose to take action on those goals and work on themselves and with this group to build the future they wanted. We have come so far this year and are just weeks away from achieving their most important work!”

If this type of accountability, insight, and mentorship resonates with you and feel compelled to learn more make sure to contact Chase at chase@everforwardradio.com and start learning more about putting a purpose to your passion!

  • Lifestyle Design
  • Creating a business around your life vs. creating your life around your business
  • Aligning yourself with your goals and your business
  • Shifting and being flexible your goals
  • Creating not so perfect content
  • Telling your story to connect with your audience
  • Playing too small
  • Feeling fulfilled and aligned in what you’re doing
  • Taking action to build excitement and momentum
  • Creating a side hustle while you’re working a 9-5
  • Ideas behind creating value in sales
  • Repurposing content you already have


  • 9:45- What are your current fulfillments in life? Does your lifestyle fulfill you? Does your job fulfill you?
  • 10:30- What are you unfulfilled by? What do you hate? What do you avoid doing at the last minute but you know you have to do it?
  • 10:53- What are your large dreams that you’re scared to accomplish? What are you leaving on the table? What could you be doing that you don’t have the space to accomplish?
  • 14:06- For a podcast, do you just start recording, how do you start off?
  • 17:18- Should you create a separate new Instagram page or build off of the one you already have?
  • 31:14- What steps are you taking to become an authority figure in your market?
  • 33:09- Do you have clarity on who you want to be working with and how you want to lead them?
  • 36:25- What are you already showing up with? What gifts are you putting out? What is already being received without you having to put it out there?
  • 48:20- What are the top 1 to 2 things that are going to give you 80% of the results you need? Maybe 1 to 2 things you can double down on?
  • 51:40- Would people pay for something that is already readily available online?
  • 59:36- What is the process you went through to create programs like FOCA or Influencer Academy?


  • “As entrepreneurs, we get to create our lives the way we want to by creating a business around that. Once you learn the strategies, tactics, tools, you get to pick the way you want your life to go. You don’t have to let the machine that you build run you”
  • “You need goals for structure but you also need to have structured freedom. Once you get to your goal you can either be complacent and keep doing what you’re doing, or you can start thinking how can I level up? How can I be better? How can I scale this?”
  • “Just getting content out will create excitement for yourself and allow you to create better content. The less content you have the slower you’ll get to your dreams. Your content doesn’t need to be perfect.”
  • “People don’t buy information, they buy people. The more you can be yourself on your business page the better. Yes, you’re a business, but you’re also a person.”
  • “Story is everything. If you start with your story and you can get someone else to say ‘me too’ that’s magical for client interaction.”
  • “The more value you can bring the client, the higher the price is. Value doesn’t necessarily mean more bells and whistles. The idea behind sales is you want people to have the most clarity they’ve ever had in their life so they can say yes to you and to themselves. Coaching and sales isn’t about giving answers, it’s about asking more questions and figuring out that ‘why’ “


If you want to learn more about Chase Chewning visit https://chasechewning.com/ or Find Sam on Instagram @sammillerscience or visit https://www.OracleFitness.com to learn more about his coaching and training programs.

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