148: Hustlers vs. Entrepreneurs, Giving Up “Good Enough” & Embracing Failure – with Scott Oldford

Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio!

If you guys don’t know Scott Oldford,  you should. A lot of you may know him, but you probably know him through my friend Libby Crow. Scott is actually one of my mentors and I started working with him in April. We had a conversation and I immediately thought  “I think I need to hire him”.

If you haven’t given Scott any of your money yet, you probably will in the next year. Scott Oldford = Entrepreneur. Scott got started in entrepreneurship when he was 8 years old. He generated multiple millions of dollars, multiple successful businesses, and has had millions of dollars in debt. Now, Scott helps high impact entrepreneurs scale profitable 7+ figure businesses. He’s not just an expert in building business and helping people scale but he understands the struggles in people’s heads and what they’re going through, and that’s why they stay inside his community.

I’m so excited to share his many insights with you guys!

  • Having a good mindset regardless of where your business is at
  • Significance of timing and focus in business.
  • Creating a business to fix a wound
  • Why failure is essential for success
  • Versions of consciousness based on what’s happened in your life
  • Hustlers vs. Creative Entrepreneurs
  • The 3 forms of “currency”
  • Betraying yourself as an entrepreneur
  • The hierarchy of needs and levels we place ourselves in
  • Giving up good to get to phenomenal
  • Comparing yourself to yourself
  • Taking action when you have a lack of clarity
  • Repetition vs. Innovation
  • 7:20 – In terms of getting a clear understanding, what are some of the things or a quick summary of things you’ve already done so we can understand who you are?
  • 13:40- How did all of your debt accumulate?
  • 16:30- How can you change your mindset regardless of where your business is at currently?
  • 21:50- How do relationships affect the way you see your life and business?
  • 24:50- How did you get through the traumas you went through and how are you teaching other people to get through it as well?
  • 33:00-  What do you want, what are you doing on a daily basis, how can we reverse engineer where people are currently?
  • 36:18- What are the levels and hierarchy of needs people place themselves in?
  • 45:00 – If we create things in our lives that aren’t fully aligned, how do we keep checking in with ourselves to make sure what we’re doing is what we really want?
  • 48:50- What is the most exciting thing in your life right now where you are currently? What’s making you light up right now?


  • “Sometimes business is about being at the right time at the right place. There’s an element to having skills and experience, and then there’s market timing.”
  • “Focus is the compound interest that gives you profitability. A lot of people get away from focus when they get success.”
  • “If you want to be successful in business it comes from starting with yourself. I’ve been through so many elements of business that I understand the mindset on a level of embodiment that I don’t think most people have. Most people at 27 have not been through what I’ve been through. I don’t think you can even get to success without having massive failure. Success is an elusive mistress. I’m scared of people who have never failed”
  • “There’s a difference between a hustler and an entrepreneur. A hustler keeps doing and doing and doing. A creative entrepreneur’s job is to be able to play with their subconscious and change their version of subjective reality. Their job is to create and get themselves out of context on a daily basis. Problem is, we’re stuck in the hustle and we’ve reprogrammed our consciousness to no longer have stillness and now we can no longer create.”
  • At the end of the day there’s only 3 currencies. Money, relationships, audience. You either have one of those, or you have hustle aka time. With one of those you can create all 3”
  • “You have to give up good to get to phenomenal. I had to give up a good business to get a phenomenal business. I had to give up a good relationship to get a phenomenal relationship. I had to leap and give up something. Human beings hold on to shit so tightly because we dont believe something better can come. In reality, “good enough” is bullshit. You want phenomenal because phenomenal allows us to be happy and fulfilled.”


If you want to learn more about Scott, visit his website at www.scottoldford.com or visit his Facebook page or Instagram!

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