147: Disconnecting to Connect: Biggest Takeaways from Burning Man

Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio!

I recently got back from Burning Man! I had a whole week in the middle of the desert and I have a ton of experiences and things to share and I figured what better way to do it than record a podcast? There are so many revelations I want to get out into the world right now.

In this episode, I’ll be talking about what Burning Man is, why did I go, and what were my intentions in going. I can’t wait to share what I learned about myself after a week of disconnecting in the desert!

  • What Burning Man is and why I chose to go
  • How Burning Man works and what I brought with me
  • The judgment free zone
  • Getting outside of your comfort zone
  • Disconnecting to connect again
  • Asking “Why not?” over “Why?”
  • Connecting to your most authentic self and feeling clarity
  • The importance of human connection without distractions
  • How do we hold ourselves back with the stories we tell ourselves?
  • Having judgments about other people and yourself
  • Giving and taking energy
  • 5:00- What is Burning Man?
  • 10:00- How does it work and what did I bring with me?
  • 11:25- Is Burning Man full of sex and drugs? What is the culture?
  • 18:00- Asking “Why Not?” over “Why?”
  • 19:00- What was my intention in going?
  • 21:00- Disconnecting to connect and feeling present
  • 23:00- What were my biggest takeaways from Burning Man
  • 23:45- Mysteries and Boundaries
  • 27:16- What is a story I tell myself that isn’t true? How is that holding me back?”
  • 29:00- Importance of Human Connection
  • 30:00- Burning Man’s Lack of Commercialization
  • 33:00- Using Radical Self Reliance and Logistics
  • 34:00- Giving and Taking Energy


  • “No one is famous at Burning Man, but no one is infamous. Everyone is equal. We’re all there for human connection.”
  • “I wanted to feel 100% free and liberated and I wanted to connect to my most authentic self. I wanted to feel clarity rather than to be in the space where I had to logic out what clarity was to me. I wanted to just be there. That comes from disconnecting in order to connect.”
  • When you’re confronted with so many different types of people, you get reflected and mirrored back on the judgment you have on them or a judgment you have about yourself.”
  • “A good question to ask yourself is- what is a story you’re telling yourself that’s untrue and how is it holding me back?”
  • “Our physical bodies are just as real as the energy we are giving out and taking in”


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