145: Reclaiming Your Power & Letting Go of Untrue Limitations – with Drew Canole

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Have you ever felt like you were living in a constant state of “what’s next” instead of living in the present? Our society tells us to always look for external validation, making us create limiting beliefs about ourselves and our life that hold us back from true happiness. How can we stop creating these expectations and limitations, and shift our current perspective so that we can have a new, more enlightened mindset?

Today we have our first repeat guest Drew Canole! Drew is a transformational specialist and founder Fitlife.tv of Organifi. Today we are here to chat all about his new book “You Be You. Drew is incredibly spiritual and has so much knowledge and wisdom from overcoming obstacles in his own life. Drew has mentored me and he’s just so EPIC and I’m super excited to talk about his new book and what we can expect to learn from it.

  • Living in your own “virtual reality”
  • Living in a place of “what’s next”
  • Being open to possibilities
  • Going “down the rabbit hole” of your subconscious
  • Giving your power away
  • Reclaiming your power
  • Recognizing lies and limitations
  • Viewing your life from a higher perspective
  • Choosing our words consciously
  • Letting go of untrue limitations about ourselves
  • External and internal validation
  • Recognizing that everything we need is already inside of us
  • YOU ARE” vs. something you need to acquire
  • Seeing yourself for who you truly are
  • Being your biggest self instead of playing small
  • 8:16: Why did you get into doing what you do now?
  • 7:50- What was the purpose of you want to write this book? What inspired the book?
  • 10:15- What is the reason or interest or spark that made you want to better yourself?
  • 12:30- Can you expand upon the concept of external validation?
  • 15:45- What are some real life examples of how we give our power away in our life?
  • 19:30- What have you personally grown through and experienced with recognizing lies and limitations and overcoming those?
  • 23:50- Can you explain how lies and victimhood keep us in a low vibration?
  • 28:15- Can you talk about the process of getting to know yourself and understanding who you really are?
  • 32:50- Why is it important for you to put in actionable habits and what people can expect to happen when they start implementing them?
  • 33:30- What is the “Why-dendity” process?
  • 34:50- What is the soulmap process?
  • 36:35- Based on the work you’re doing right now, what do you want to abolish and make absurd in the next 20 years?
  • 38:00- How can those of us who are listening support you in your mission and what else can someone get from ordering your book?
  • 39:33- What’s your number one intention for those who are reading your book?


  • “When you get rid of the limitations, you get rid of all the things that are holding you back and keeping you small, and you really see yourself for who you truly are.”
  • “Once we start to gain our power back, the possibilities for who we can impact and inspire are endless”
  • “If you want true true happiness, it’s not at the end of the tunnel, it’s right here.”
  • “One of my biggest limitations was not feeling like I was good enough to be loved”
  • “Freedom exists when you recognize YOU ARE  vs. something that you have to acquire.”
  • “Everything we already have is inside of us so we just have to recognize we are already the things we want
  • “Every crisis is the greatest point for a lesson.”


You can find Drew’s book at www.youbeyoubook.com or you can find it on Amazon and Audible! Remember, once you pre-order two copies of Drew’s book, you’ll get tickets to Drew’s live event in San Diego!

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