143: 5 Powerful Times Saying “Yes” Changed My Life

Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio!

Have you ever been afraid of taking a risk or trying something new because you’ve been afraid of the outcome or feeling judged? This episode of Bucci Radio is all about 5 particular experiences I’ve had that have changed my life and given me an infinite return on investment for myself and my business, all because I’ve chosen to say “YES”. These 5 experiences have generated me continuous money, connected me to the most amazing humans in the world, and have given me complete freedom of expression, time, location and finances. Aren’t these all the things we truly freakin want?!

  • 5 experiences I’ve had in my life that have given me an infinite return on investment
  • Saying YES to new experiences and things that scare you
  • Putting yourself out there
  • The effects of exploring and changing your environment
  • Building trust from sharing and being vulnerable
  • Not only showing your highlight reel
  • Creating high-value programs that people want
  • Avoidance of putting out programs for fear of being judged
  • Saying YES to Investing in yourself
  • How to get momentum flowing in your business
  • How to make your next 3-5k (an announcement!)
  • 9:35– The first time I said YES to starting my Instagram account.
  • 13:30– How I said YES to moving across the country with $30 in my pocket and changing my environment.
  • 16:05– How I said YES to sharing my feelings and story on the internet and making myself vulnerable online.
  • 23:04– How I said YES to launching my first high-value program.
  • 19:38– How I said YES to investing in myself and my business.
  • 31:40– How to make your next 3-5k and get excited about what you’re doing!
  • “All I’ve done was said YES a couple of really smart fucking times where it really counts, and because of this one small yes, it propelled me into this opportunity for many many many more yes’s”
  • “Because of social media and putting myself out there, I found my true purpose.
  • Sharing your story and your feelings humanizes everybody. When we put people on pedestals it makes us feel like we’re never gonna get there. And then we tell ourselves a story that we aren’t them so we can’t do that. When we humanize people it breaks that apart.”
  • “When you begin to charge higher rates and believe in yourself in that way, you’re speaking into existence that you are worth it and that you are going to create something that is of that value”
  • “These 5 YES’s have quite literally provided me complete and utter happiness, generated money continuously, connected me to the most amazing humans in the world, and given me freedom of expression, time location and finances. Are these not the things we truly freakin’ want?”
  • “It’s so important for me to help empower you to change your life. I’m not different or special. I’ve just said YES”.


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