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About Amanda

Amanda Bucci is a 24 year old lifestyle entrepreneur whose mission is to ignite the fire in others to grow into their TRUE selves through her podcast, YouTube channel, instagram, and other social platforms. Amanda has built her social media following through the perfect combination of consistency, transparency and education – and the secret sauce – always showing up as authentically “Amanda” as possible. Her career began as a fitness educator (a combination of an online fitness coaching career with a supportive Instagram and YouTube channel to provide free, educational content along with “life stuff” – her subscribers have seen it all). After making an impact on the fitness world, Amanda has grown into not just a fitness educator and influencer, but one who shares her experiences, life lessons, and educational feats of personal and professional development. Amanda is now the proud CEO and Founder of the Bucci Radio Podcast (interview and solo episodes where Amanda and her guests provide fitness, personal, or professional value, stories, experiences, and education), along with the Fitness Online Coaching Academy (a certificate program for online fitness coaches) and the Influencer Academy (a high-level coaching program for aspiring online fitness coaches and influencers to learn how to package their program and personal brand, in order to create a sustainable and thriving business).

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